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Full-Time Program

At The King’s Online Academy, students may enroll as full-time students, benefitting from flexible courses taught by Christian faculty.  All TKOA high school credit courses are fully accredited and are available in a variety of levels including standard curriculum, honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment.

Full-Time Enrollment

The King’s Online Academy serves students wishing to enroll in a full-time online program looking to earn a high school diploma from The King’s Academy.  Full-time students will enroll in a minimum of six credits per academic year and will benefit from premier services and support in the area of college counseling and academic advising.  Our students will enjoy dynamic chapels, providing an opportunity for students to grow in their faith and interact with our spiritual life staff.  Students who reside in Palm Beach County, Florida, may also participate in athletics and Conservatory productions on campus for an additional fee.