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Partnership Advantages

A partner school receives a wealth of resources when they partner with The King’s Online Academy.  The King’s Online Academy is a fully accredited online school that is distinctly Christian and a unique offering of The King’s Academy, a Blue Ribbon School, in West Palm Beach, Florida.  With over 50 years of experience in Christian education, The King's Academy, is known for being bold in teaching the gospel to its students.  This means each course of study places a heavy and clear emphasis on applying biblical concepts to each subject.  In addition to being distinctly Christian, each student will receive quality teaching from some of the best teachers in the field.  When schools partner with us, they are able to offer our coursework to their students in an affordable and customized manner. To learn more about becoming a School Partner, please contact Mrs. Ashley Sexton, Online Marketing and Enrollment Coordinator, at

Expands Offerings
Quickly helps your school increase Christian based elective offerings and build programs of distinctions without the investment of extra faculty.

Increases Enrollment
Provides coursework for students to access without affecting teacher resources or classroom space.

Diversifies Delivery
Allows your school to offer a full array of Christian coursework that will allow students to attend in a hybrid capacity or fully online.

Customizable Content
TKOA courses are aligned to your school calendar and designed with your school branding.

Creates Solutions
Guidance counselors can use TKOA coursework to provide Christian based summer school, enrichment opportunities,
or to resolve scheduling conflicts.


As an Administrator, I have access to the course as well to effectively support our students.  TKOA is very attentive to any questions we have. -Northlake Christian School 


Our students like the flexibility of the TKOA classes. The classes allow them to work through the material on their own time, while learning a subject of which they have genuine interest.


The TKOA program allows us to offer more elective options to students who have an interest in specialty courses. -Hill Country Christian School of Austin